Yuna Class Pack 1

Clear Mind & Powerful Heart

You are more than your thoughts and emotions. Allow the voices in your head to calm down and establish a deep connection with the wisdom of your heart.

This Yuna Class Pack contains 2 audio classes complementing each other perfectly: a dynamic Heaven and a regenerating Earth.

Key benefits:

  • Strong legs and glutes
  • Upright posture
  • Open chest and shoulders
  • Mobilization of the spine

Duration: 2 x 60 minutes.
Guide: Suzanne Freiherz (Founder of Yuna)

The price of this Class Pack is € 79,-. You’ll get immediate access to the complete content so you can start right away.
No prior experience needed. All you need is a mat.
Please note: This Class Pack is included in our course Head Off, Heart On.

Class #1


The intelligence of the heart moves beyond constructs and categories of the mind. Utilize the power of your heart and remember that you can fly.

Strengthen legs, glutes, shoulders as well as your ability to let go of negative self talk and recurring thought patterns. Train yourself to create space for appreciation and allow the voice of your heart break through the voices in your head.

Practice to be kind and considerate while facing a challenge instead of always pushing yourself so hard. This class is a space in your life where you don’t need to prove or accomplish anything, but instead you can begin to listen to your body intelligence and trust your heart’s wisdom.


Class #2


Sharpen your senses and refine your perception to get in touch with the silent aspects of life and hear the voice of your heart more easily.

While nurturing your potential to be calm and peaceful, you’ll enjoy an opening in your chest and shoulders and remind the body of how amazing an upright posture feels like.

Stop spending so much time in your head. Open your heart to the abundance of the present moment. You’ll be surprised how much is happening and changing, when you just let go and allow the magic of Earth take effect.


True Me-Time

Your benefits

Congratulations! You are about to invest in the most precious thing you have: your wellbeing. Everything in your life depends on you being energetic, balanced and fulfilled.

Step by step guidance
Suzanne is guiding you step by step to enable your mind to relax completely. You’ll see how easy it will be to stay present and follow her detailed and clear guidance. Her language is free from judgement, full of joy and comes from the heart.
Lifetime access
You have lifetime access and unlimited replays.
Anytime, Anywhere
You can access the classes with your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Have fun
When you have fun instead of pushing yourself so hard, your whole being will benefit from this practice. Every technique is free from pressure and labels. Your me-time is so precious. Use it to increase quality and joy in your life. No prior experience needed.

Immerse yourself in the Yuna frequency wherever you are. Your wellbeing is your most valuable resource.

The price of this Class Pack is € 79,-. You’ll get immediate access to the complete content so you can start right away.
Value yourself. Invest in your happiness and your wellbeing. You’ll see how not only you, but everyone you know will benefit from you being the best version of yourself.
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