Clear Mind & Powerful Heart

Yuna Class Pack 1

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The two classes of a Yuna class pack complement each other perfectly: a dynamic Heaven and a regenerating Earth.

Key aspects of this Class Pack:

strong legs and glutes

upright posture

open chest and shoulders

mobilization of the spine


Please note: This Class Pack is included in our course Head Off, Heart On.


You are more than your thoughts and emotions. Allow the voices in your head to calm down and establish a deep connection with the wisdom of your heart.

The mind is busy with analyzing and categorizing life. The heart moves beyond categories and labels and empowers you to live your potential instead of getting stuck in routine.

There is a special power in everything you do with all your heart. Do the movements with all your heart and feel what it means to be completely alive in the moment instead of being driven by habit. Experience how every movement is pervaded by pure mindfulness and turns into meditation in motion. Take this awareness into your day and find abundance pulsing in every moment waiting for you to make it yours.

Class #1


The intelligence of the heart moves beyond constructs and categories of the mind. Utilize the power of your heart and remember that you can fly.

Strengthen legs, glutes, shoulders as well as your ability to let go of negative self talk and recurring thought patterns. Train yourself to create space for appreciation and allow the voice of your heart break through the voices in your head.

Practice to be kind and considerate while facing a challenge instead of always pushing yourself so hard. This class is a space in your life where you don’t need to prove or accomplish anything, but instead you can begin to listen to your body intelligence and trust your heart’s wisdom.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes.

No prior experience needed. All you need is a mat.

Class #2


Sharpen your senses and refine your perception to get in touch with the silent aspects of life and hear the voice of your heart more easily.

While nurturing your potential to be calm and peaceful, you’ll enjoy an opening in your chest and shoulders and remind the body of how amazing an upright posture feels like.

Stop spending so much time in your head. Open your heart to the abundance of the present moment. You’ll be surprised how much is happening and changing, when you just let go and allow the magic of Earth take effect.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes.

No prior experience needed. All you need is a mat.

How does it work?

  • You have lifetime access and unlimited replays.
  • Suzanne is guiding you step by step to enable your mind to relax completely. You’ll see how easy it will be to stay present and follow her detailed and clear guidance. Her language is free from judgement, full of joy and comes from the heart.
  • You’ll do every movement your way and will get different options to find out what’s best for you. This is a practice that challenges you to listen to yourself more than the voices around you. Train yourself to make conscious choices instead of following instructions. No-one knows better than you when it comes to your wellbeing.
  • You can access the classes with your computer, smartphone or tablet. Anywhere and anytime.
  • No prior experience needed.
  • Every technique is free from pressure and labels. You can change more by being full of joy and have fun in your precious me-time.

Immerse yourself in the Yuna frequency wherever you are. Your wellbeing is your most valuable resource.

Your Guide

Hello! It is wonderful to have you here. I am Suzanne Freiherz and I am honored to share with you years of experience of working with thousands of amazing humans.

I rely on the power of kindness, non-judgement and inner wisdom. The way I guide a class inspires to be loving and playful. We all have more than enough pressure in our lives. There is no need to add to that. My classes and techniques are a pressure- and judgement free zone where you can remember to listen to and trust yourself again.

My husband Tom and I created Yuna to share a practice that enhances the whole life and is accessible to everyone no matter how fit or flexible. From day one, Yuna has been designed to care for body, mind and heart as a union and dissolve categories like beginner or advanced student. Instead, we all practice side by side.

My work creates ripples

What I love most about my work is the ripple effect it creates: The happiness of one human touches others – family, friends, co-workers – and this wave of kindness and joy keeps expanding into the world.

I am honored to support humans in investing in the most valuable things there are: health and happiness.

Your benefits

It’s all about you

There is no presenter on a stage and no instructor who’s orders you have to follow. Suzanne will guide you verbally, so you can be with yourself completely.

If she would demonstrate the poses, you’d have to look at her and your attention is half here and half there. Suzanne’s work is all about you. Simply let her voice guide you home – to the wisdom that vibrates with yourself.

Choose from a variety of options during the class and move in your own unique way. You’ll love how clearly your body tells you what it needs.

The practice during the classes and during your day is the same thing: You allow your uniqueness to shine and express itself. You create your life – not as others want you to – but your way. No-one can be youer than you.

Create and live your life with all your heart.


When do I get access to the classes?
Immediately after your registration you’ll have access to the complete content and you can start right away.
How long do I have access?
You have lifetime access and unlimited replays.
When should I do which class?
The Heaven class is dynamic and ideal to get fresh energy. Also, enjoy it to unwind and clear your head especially when you are having a hard time calming the chatter in your head. Enjoy the quiet power of Earth when you need a cool down. Earth is a wonderful choice even when you feel exhausted and need to recharge and let go of tension. If you choose to do it in the evening, the calm energy of Earth will support your system to shift into resting mode and makes it easier to fall asleep.
No prior experience needed - how does that work?
Suzanne’s guidance is detailed, clear and unambiguous. It’s easy to follow along. She has been working with verbal guidance for more than 15 years and knows from experience what works and what doesn’t. Suzanne is guiding you step by step to enable your mind to relax completely. You’ll see how easy it will be to stay present. When you are immersed in the here and now, every technique, every movement transforms into a meditation. Also, to make sure that you are kind with yourself and do the practice without pushing or judging yourself, Suzanne chooses her words carefully to trigger positive information fields only. Her language is free from judgement, full of joy and comes from the heart.
Why does Suzanne guide verbally?
Have you been to a class where the teacher demonstrates the poses? You have to look at what he/she does, turn your head in a weird way and don’t even see properly from the back rows. You try to copy the movement and automatically judge yourself in comparison with your teacher. Your attention is divided between your teacher and yourself. You are half here, half there. Thanks to verbal guidance you can focus on yourself completely and have some true me-time. Suzanne’s classes and techniques are all about you. You don’t have to look what others are doing. It’s what you do all day long, isn’t it? Paying attention to others’ opinions and judgements and trying to please others. With Suzanne, you’ll begin to get in touch with yourself. You are the center of attention. No need to please others or prove something. No need to compare and compete. With her verbal guidance you are free to discover: What do I want? What feels right for me? This practice will change your whole life. Same as you do the practice your way, you will create your life your way instead of living a life that others want for you. Live your life guided by the wisdom within yourself. Find out more about the power of verbal guidance in Suzanne’s article.


Please note: This Class Pack is included in our course Head Off, Heart On.


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