1 + 1 = 3

When Two Hearts Unite, Everything Is Possible.

Yuna is born from the unity of two people: Suzanne and Tom Freiherz. They don’t just share mindfulness and connectedness, they live it. Their 21 years of togetherness vibrate in everything of Yuna.

Tom and Suzanne created Yuna driven by the passion to begin a new generation of Yoga and bring old wisdom into the now. As autodidacts and never-give-uppers, they are the creators of every element concerning Yuna: starting from this website, all videos and photos to the complete Yuna building block system.

There is no big team making it all happen, but two big hearts. They are prove that the human heart is the most powerful field on this planet.

From Then To Now
The humans of now are facing completely different challenges than the yogis of old. The yogis’ challenge was to sit quietly for hours to meditate. Our challenge now is to NOT sit all the time. We need natural movement that supports an upright posture, relieves tension and builds core strength. With Yuna, Tom and Suzanne are spot-on offering movement that is effective and approachable for everyone.

Taking Things Further
Tom and Suzanne are passionate about offering a practice that welcomes everyone. No separation into levels, age groups and abilities. From there, they took it even further: They united meditation and movement. Doing so, you don’t get lost in ideas and beautiful speeches about mindfulness but instead, you live it as direct experience.

Life Is Incredible
Tom and Suzanne share innovative ways to motivate people through positivity. They aim to balance out the daily pressure of better, faster, higher. Time is too precious to compete and compare in every area of your life. Suzanne and Tom are creating a space of positivity, humor and playfulness. Yuna draws you a smiley, where you usually get frustrated and helps you shift your focus from complaints to gratitude, from problems to endless possibilities. Being alive is a gift and you can choose to feel incredible.

Powered By The Heart
Their experience and knowledge comes from working with thousands of people for over 15 years. Bringing mindful movement into the world is a logical consequence when we take a tiny peek at the couple’s backgrounds. Tom is an entrepreneur at heart. He is always in pursue of making the world a better place. He has always done sports, but never loved competition. At a very early age he understood that true health doesn’t come from winning competitions but from finding the right amount of challenge to progress in a very personal and natural way.

A Playful Mind
Suzanne’s playful nature and positivity neutralize the aura of seriousness usually associated with mindfulness. Having overcome health issues herself, she knows how to use the transformative power of playfulness and nonjudgemental presence. Young Suzanne was quite a mess health-wise and wished for things most of us take for granted: Being well enough to get up in the morning, dancing for joy without gasping for air, sitting upright without pain. Suzanne began to do sports and yoga, only to discover that not even beginner options were accessible to her. She had to create them herself. The intense study of body dynamics in conjunction with what she calls “head stuff” resulted in an incomparable understanding of movement, the power of the mind and the healing effect of kindness.

Living The Dream
Both still in university in 2003, Suzanne taught her first class with 60 people without ever having been to a yoga studio and was discovered as a model for local and international campaigns. Tom already drew up the business plan for their first successful company. Having revolutionized yoga in their home Austria, they are not done yet. Now they go global with Yuna.

Tom is the strength of Yuna and Suzanne is the light. Together they can do what they couldn’t do alone. One and one makes three.

Mark Whitwell

Author of “Yoga of Heart”


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