Barefoot On Uneven Ground

For the last 15 years, I was barefoot probably 90% of the time. At home I don’t wear shoes and at work I don’t either (as a Yuna Guide you don’t need shoes).

Sometimes I look down on myself when I leave the house just to check if I am wearing shoes or if I forgot to put some on…again.

Feet love being barefoot and there are lots of benefits of not wearing shoes like improved balance, posture and circulation and it helps with back issues. Also, we increase strength in the ankles, calves and core as barefoot walking wakes up muscles we don’t use when we wear shoes.

Another benefit is that the toes can move freely and remain flexible and mobile. It is so easy to paint your toe nails when you can spread your toes like a baby instead of squeezing a plastic thing in between the toes. Also, toe mobility is highly practical to pick up stuff from the floor like a sock.

The absolute highlight of course is to walk barefoot on the beach, in the gras, through a forest or anywhere outside on uneven surfaces. Don’t get me wrong, I love my high heels too, but nothing compares to walking barefoot. Being in direct contact with the ground and feeling letting the feet do what they are made for.

So, shoes off, get in touch with the ground and enjoy the release, the new strength, enhanced balance and the happiness in your back.

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Photo by Max McKinnon.

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