If You Can Be Anything You Want Today

…how about being kind! Begin with the person you spend most time with: YOU. Being kind with yourself means:

no negative self-talk no blaming yourself no being hard on yourself no feeling sorry for yourself no dwelling on problems

Instead do this:

positive self-talk appreciate yourself as you are tap into your strengths take control of what you can control focus on solutions and everything that flows

And then, do the same thing for everyone around you because: the way you treat yourself = the way you treat others.

So, begin with yourself.

You deserve to be with a kind person 24/7. You deserve to feel loved. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated…so kind, so loving, so understanding, so full of encouragement and support – be a person you never thought existed.

You have such a big heart. Let yourself in. And then, the rest of the world will follow.

Because today dears, we can be anything we want and today we choose to be the best version of ourselves!!

Let’s flood the world with waves of kindness! ❤️

Comment below and share your views, worries, stories, positivity and thoughts with me. Or send me a DM on Instagram @suzannefreiherz

Photo by Andrea Tummons.


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