No Time To Take A Break?

Do you long for a break to recharge your energy? Take a break right now. One minute of closing your eyes, leaning back on your chair and feeling your breath moving in and out.

That’s all. That’s a break.

I can hear you saying: But only one minute?! I need more! One minute is more than nothing. More than you did yesterday. It is a start. It is a door opening. Or maybe you’re thinking: But important stuff has to be done now!

I know, everything is important and urgent. But isn’t your wellbeing more important? Doesn’t everything depend on you being focussed and energetic?

The truth is, the time to take care of yourself will never come. You have to take it. No-one has the time, everyone has to take it. And then, like magic, you will be more efficient in everything you do and you’ll have more quality time in your life.

I know this is a challenge. Be brave. Do it.

Say it with me:

Today my wellbeing is more important than everything else.
Today I begin to take time for my wellbeing.
I know that short breaks go a long way.
I can recharge fast and efficiently.
Taking a break feels amazing.
I am so proud of myself.

Now take a deep breath and smile. Well done!
Continue to take time for your wellbeing. No-one else can do this for you.

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Photo by Karen Lau.

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