What Are You Waiting For?

I’ll be happy, once I’ve reached this goal. I’ll take better care of myself, when I have more time. I will do what I love, when I have enough money. I’ll enjoy life on the weekend.

Sounds familiar?

Whatever you are waiting for… the right time, the right partner, changed circumstances, your next vacation or the next weekend. Let’s agree on this right this moment: This concept of waiting is not part of your life. Not any more.

When I talk about this waiting pattern, a story comes into my mind: I had a lovely community member who came to my classes regularly. Back then she was a student and in her early 20s. Then she moved to a different city and a couple of years later she wrote me an email.

Let’s agree on this right this moment: This concept of waiting is not part of your life. Not any more.

She said, she had never understood why I kept saying in class to stop waiting for the next weekend but instead to live now, to fill this moment with awareness and joy and a smile and to value and truly live the present moment. She wrote me that now, years later, she understands because she witnesses this mindset in her co-workers. They seem to live from weekend to weekend and they only try to make it through Monday to Friday.

She thanked me that she had learned a different mindset in my classes and is living a fulfilled life, appreciating the present moment with all her heart.

You can imagine my goosebumps and the gratitude in my heart when I read this? I am so thankful that she shared this with me.

Now it’s your turn.

Say it with me:

I am done with waiting.
I invest my energy in the here and now and create what I wish to have in my life.
Every day I am creating a better life for myself and everyone around me will benefit from my happiness naturally and effortlessly.
Every moment is filled with opportunity and from now on I am one of those humans who see them and use them.
My time is now.
I believe in you. You can do it. If you connect with my words, your frequency already began to shift.

Stop being a waitee (human whose mindset in programmed on waiting…I made it up) but instead be an actionee (also made up…I do this a lot). Actionees are living each moment with all their heart and create what they want to have in life!

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Photo by Jian Xhin.

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