Jonah Kest Workshop

Workshop Weekend
with Jonah Kest


October 24th
10 am – 12 am | 120 min
Vinyasa Experience

4 – 6 pm | 120 min
Yin Ritual

October 25th
9 am – 11 am | 120 min
Acro Yoga Workshop


Early bird till 8.6.2020:

€ 120,- all sessions (6h)

€ 135,- all sessions (6h)
€ 50,- per session (2h)

Yuna Place Graz

Jonah teaches in English.
Beginners are welcome.

We are thrilled to announce that Jonah Kest will join us for three amazing workshops in October 2020!
Does the name Kest sound familiar to you?
That’s probably because we are huge fans of his uncle Bryan Kest, whose Power Yoga classes are part of our weekly schedule. Jonah travels the world practicing and teaching ashtanga and vinyasa classes, workshops and at retreats in hopes of spreading his intention to generate loving-kindness.

If you would like to know more about Jonah and get to know him better, feel free to check out his website or follow him on Instagram.

jonah kest workshop



Saturday, October 24
10 am – 12 am
Vinyasa Experience

In this 120 min class you will break through old habits and barriers that hinder you from connection and unconditional love! Each energetic sequence will explore hip and heart openers as well as inversions and twists!
Jonah’s incredible music and supportive stories and themes will wring you out – leaving you with a stronger body and calmer, less reactive mind.
Join Jonah Kest for an entirely uplifting and wholesome vinyasa experience! All levels welcome.

Saturday, October 24
4 – 6 pm
Yin Ritual

Get out of your own way! Join him for a 120-minute Yin yoga experience. With the combination of gently stretching your connective tissues and utilizing postures that place pressure on the meridians, a natural release of the hips, pelvis and spine will occur.
This ancient approach to transporting raw, life-giving energy throughout the body will leave you reveling! Balance your tenaciousness with sweet surrender in this deeply restorative practice. All levels welcome.

Sunday, October 25
9 am – 11 am
Beyond Balance Acro Yoga Workshop

This unique style of „flying“ partner yoga implements poses from Ashtanga yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage to create a fun physical and mental challenge. Not only will students learn how to fly, but most importantly, also the value of community support. Yoga is a series of adjustments similar to a relationship; Acro yoga is a powerful example of making such needed adjustments and communicating to find balance.
We will learn to properly spot, base a flyer and fly. New challenging poses and transitions will take you to the next level of Acro vinyasa. Bring a mat, a camera and an open mind to go beyond balance.



Jonah Kest has been a student of yoga since day one. Surrounded by his mother, father, and uncle, who were mid-western vinyasa trailblazers, he spent his early years observing and learning from the best. His love and passion for the mind-body connection grew and at age 17, Jonah became a yoga teacher under the tutelage of his father, Jonny Kest.

Over the years, his upbringing has translated into a committed asana practice, daily meditation, and consistent cultivation of gratitude. His grace, compassion, and inspiring intensity are evident in everything he does – both off and on the mat.

Jonah Kest Portrait


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