Head Off, Heart On

A Hands-On Guide To Living Your Full Potential.

Clear your mind, connect to your heart’s wisdom and discover your full potential with this practice.



Let go of the mental chatter and enjoy a new sense of clarity.

Remember what is important to you.

Realize your professional and private goals and dreams.

Stop negative self talk and learn to shift your focus on the positive.

Experience inner balance by harmonizing heart and mind.

Are you under constant pressure?

Do you tend to fixate on a problem instead of finding a solution?

Are you bothered by a guilty conscious when you allow yourself to relax?

Do you long for a clear mind?

Would you love to remember that your life has a special purpose?

This course is perfect for you!

What awaits you in this online program?

Hands-on techniques: Straightforward, anywhere and anytime.

Step by step guidance: Your mind can completely relax and give space to a new sense of clarity.

Mental transformation: Habitual thought patterns are secretly steering our life. Learn to recognize and dissolve them. Come home to a powerful presence and create your life with all your heart.

Head-Heart-Cooperation: Harmonize mind and inner wisdom. Experience logic and intuition as complementary forces and utilize their united power to realize your goals with heart and mind.


Effortless Relaxation – Use this practice to fall asleep or any time during the day. Learn to not only allow yourself to take a break and recharge, but also to enjoy it. You’ve earned it.

Heart Breathing – Be amazed you easily you can create a new reality and experience the impossible. Unleash the incredible power of your breath.

Inner Ritual – Make a habit of de-stressing and letting go. The qualities of the heart pervade your whole being empowering you live your full potential.

First Aid Technique – To clear your head fast, anytime and anywhere.

Mindful Movement – This movement touches body, mind and heart simultaneously to program every layer of your being to living your potential. Thanks to clear, comprehensive and pure verbal guidance, you can focus on yourself completely. This me-time needs no specific level of fitness or flexibility. It’s all about your wellbeing.

Unwinding Made Easy – Switching the head off is simply a matter of practice. With this technique it will be easy and fun.

A Special Gathering – Be whole again instead of emotionally and mentally scattered all over the place. Let go of the past, daydreams and worries to gather all that you are in the only time you can enjoy and design your life: the now.

Living Abundance – The head is worried and doubtful, the heart is wise and understanding. Devote your time and effort to your precious wellbeing. Taking time for yourself will no longer be a rare treat but a valued habit.

Time Travel – Discover treasures hidden inside and remember what you never had time for or even forgot over the years because everything else was always more important. Don’t let your talents atrophy. It is never too late to nurture your unique gifts and talents and to live your dreams.

Grasping opportunities – „Follow your heart“ is no longer empty talk. This practice will help you take action and manifest your goals and dreams.

Tap into inner wisdom – You are so much more than your mind can understand. We’ll go beyond the mind and activate the power of the unconscious.

Bathing in The Heart’s Frequency – Stay connected to the wisdom of the heart and create your life powered by joy, mindfulness and appreciation.

This is your time.
Start now! Create your life with all your heart. It’s time you discover your hidden potential and expand beyond the limits of your mind. You are much more than your thoughts.
In order to live a happy and successful life, you need to live your full potential. Everything begins within yourself.

To live with all your heart: What does it mean?
Imagine that all areas of your life are getting an upgrade.
Here are some examples for you:

Work life powered by the heart

You are committed to your goals and know that your work is valuable and important.
You enjoy enhancing your abilities instead of drowning in routine.
You work with enthusiasm instead of just barely making it through the day.
You take people with you and get them excited about your ideas.
Your success and joy are an inspiration to others.

Private life powered by the heart

You enjoy meaningful, inspirational conversations instead of empty talk and cutting each other short.
You don’t miss a single smile or sparkle in your kids and partner because you are truly present.
You feel deeply connected to your loved ones and know that you are not alone.
You value the little things in life.

Are you aware that you are the most valuable resource you have?

Every area of your life benefits when you feel good.

By harmonizing head and heart you can tap into your unlimited potential.

„Head off“ doesn’t mean to stop thinking or being logical. It means to get rid of repetitive thought patterns and negative self talk. A clear mind finds it easy to make decisions, stay focussed and value what you have.

Head and heart are not opponents; they complement each other.

The heart is constantly sending signals to the brain and vice versa. The intelligence of the heart plays a vital part in processing information, in cognition, memory and problem solving. Being in the head too much means you only use a fraction of your potential.

With this program we will harmonize head and heart, so you can create your life with more power and joy than ever before.

How it works

  • Starting with your enrollment I will be by your side for 40 days to help you get out of your head into your heart. You’ll get new exercises on a regular basis. Even after 40 days, you’ll have access to the complete content.
  • Before you do the exercises, I talk about their purpose and power in a video. Also, I share lots of inspiration and motivation as well as positive affirmations to keep you going.
  • As soon as a new technique is available you’ll get an e-mail from me to make sure you never miss a thing.
  • You have unlimited replays of the complete content even after the 40 days.
  • Access the course on your computer, smartphone or tablet – enjoy the content everywhere and anytime.
  • You can choose to do the course in 40 days or take more time if you prefer. Allow for your own rhythm: Just like your heart has its very own rhythm, you have your own unique way and rhythm in all ares of your life.
  • I am guiding you through every exercise step by step. Thanks to pure audio guidance you can focus on yourself completely. Just close your eyes and enjoy.
  • Every technique I share is completely free from competition and pressure. I believe that joy and kindness are more powerful to transform your life.
  • You have lifetime access.

Your Guide

I am Suzanne Freiherz. What I share in this program comes from more than 16 years of experience of working with thousands of amazing human beings.

I feel deeply honored to support others in dissolving the limits created in the mind and come home into the heart. My techniques are hands-on and simple but powerful. I am not a fan of empty talk; I think we need to talk less and act more. Only if you act and make changes you can expect results.

Why did I create this course?

I have been living and sharing this knowledge in a live setting and it was time to go online in order to be there for everyone who wants to join me in creating a happier and kinder world. I stand for positivity, mindfulness and a playful attitude to life. I support everyone who isn’t fully happy with their life – maybe the reason is clear or they are don’t feel fulfilled even though they have everything. Also, I am happy to enhance an already existing joy and purpose in life and show ways to further expand their personal wellbeing as well as the ability to support others.

Logic and intuition

My approach unites two seemingly contradicting forces. We can only live our full potential by using logic and intuition equally. Sure, we all have our duties but we also need to be in touch with our emotions and live our dreams.
Let me to remind you (yes, remind…not believe) that you are important and valuable as you are. Everything you need for a fulfilled life, is already within. However, it doesn’t come forth as long as you are busy worrying and overthinking every little detail. With this course you can to free up the amazing potential lying dormant within.

You deserve a fulfilled life.

Not some day.

But NOW.

Value yourself. Invest in your happiness and your wellbeing. You’ll see how not only you, but everyone you know will benefit from you being the best version of yourself.


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