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New Podcast: Insanely Positive :) Live Your Best Life

Today I’m very excited to announce my weekly show on Apple Podcasts. It’s called Insanely Positive :) Live Your Best Life. Here is a sneak peek for you.

Feast your ears and heart on a takeaway buffet of real life stories, powerful practices and actionable advice to nurture your best self so you can live your best life.  Make a habit of replacing judgement with empathy, complaining with appreciation and experience how this ingredient swap transforms obstacles into springboards and problems into amazing possibilities.

From my 15+ years of working with humans I know that the power of positivity can leap over the limits in our minds with ease and joy and it is trainable like a muscle.

I am here to create a new normal of self-care, embracing positive self-talk, body positivity and self-esteem, empowering you to create your most awesome personal and professional life. This creates a ripple effect. Your positivity touches others – family, friends, co-workers – and like a wave it expands from human to human having a positive impact on social coexistence.

The buffet is open, positivity is on the menu as a starter, entrée and dessert. Please enjoy tasting all the flavors of positivity to nourish your heart, body and mind. Dig in and allow me to offer you an amuse-bouche before you begin the first episode.

Big smiles,
Suzanne Freiherz

Listen to Insanely Positive : ) Live Your Best Life with Suzanne Freiherz on Apple Podcasts
Listen to Insanely Positive : ) Live Your Best Life with Suzanne Freiherz on Google Podcasts

You’ll want the new episodes right when they come out, right?

Make sure you hit subscribe (it’s free) in Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast player to have new episodes download automatically to your phone or device and listen to them even when you’re offline.


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