Positivity Overload: How Much Can You Handle?

Episode 2:

Hands-on and fun filled tipps to nurture your self-esteem and learn to appreciate yourself as you are.

First of all: Prepare to be challenged in this show. We’ll find out what’s your capacity to experience and accept positivity. Buckle up ; )

Also, we will talk about self-esteem or self-value, which is not the same as self-confidence. Self-esteem is independent from our achievements and accomplish. Learn to love yourself even when you are doing nothing as the miracle that human life is. In the course of this show I’ll guide you through short practices to boost your self-esteem.

Also, I am happy to share examples as to how a positive and judgement-free language takes away the pressure to perform, to please, to prove something and creates a reality that allows us to be ourselves. With this show I wish to remind you how valuable you are.

Sending you my hugest smiles,

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