Take a time-out from daily routine

Reconnect & Recharge

Do you feel rather exhausted and lost in daily routine? It’s time you treat yourself with a time-out to recharge and reconnect with yourself.

Everything else is always more important than you, isn’t it? Your wellbeing has waited in line long enough. Invest in your most valuable resource now: yourself. Enjoy a physical, mental and emotional reset.

After another long week these 3 practice sessions help you regain inner balance and strength. This is your mini-vacation to feel connected, calm and complete again.

This course contains:

  • a vitalizing relaxation,
  • a time travel meditation and
  • a whole body workout.
The price of this online program is € 79,-. You’ll get immediate access to the complete content so you can start right away.
No equipment & no prior experience needed.
Anywhere & any time on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

FIL Calm


Goodbye heavy legs! Kick off your shoes, legs up and close your eyes.

Stimulate blood flow when your legs feel heavy and puffy after a long day of standing, sitting or (if you currently are at FIL Suites) shopping in beautiful Palma. After this time-out you’ll feel refreshed and ready to create a fun night out or enjoy a quiet evening with your favorite human, book or movie.

Duration: approx. 20 minutes


FIL Connected


Travel back in time and connect to your true you.

See your life’s patterns and get the chance to re-create yourself wherever you feel disconnected or unfulfilled. FIL Suites once was a weaving factory. Let the amazing history of this building inspire you to weave your future with more care and love for detail. Your life is a piece of art.

Duration: approx. 20 minutes.


FIL Complete


Mobilize your whole body from head to toe.

This flow is a complete workout in itself and you’ll feel energized and empowered. No mat, no shoes, no worries. When the strains and stresses of life wear you down at bit, this is your source of strength. Experience a flow that does more than just train muscles; it creates fortitude.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes


True Me-Time

Your Benefits

Congratulations! You are about to invest in the most precious thing you have: your wellbeing. Everything in your life depends on you being energetic, balanced and fulfilled.

Step by step guidance
Suzanne is guiding you step by step to enable your mind to relax completely. You’ll see how easy it will be to stay present and follow her detailed and clear guidance. Her language is free from judgement, full of joy and comes from the heart.
Lifetime access
You have lifetime access and unlimited replays.
Anytime, Anywhere
You can access the classes with your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Have fun
When you have fun instead of pushing yourself so hard, your whole being will benefit from this practice. Every technique is free from pressure and labels. Your me-time is so precious. Use it to increase quality and joy in your life. No prior experience needed.

Your Guide

Hello! It is wonderful to have you here. I am Suzanne Freiherz and I am honored to share with you years of experience of working with thousands of amazing humans.

I rely on the power of kindness, non-judgement and inner wisdom. The way I guide a class inspires to be loving and playful. We all have more than enough pressure in our lives. There is no need to add to that. My classes and techniques are a pressure- and judgement free zone where you can remember to listen to and trust yourself again.

My husband Tom and I created Yuna to share a practice that enhances the whole life and is accessible to everyone no matter how fit or flexible. From day one, Yuna has been designed to care for body, mind and heart as a union and dissolve categories like beginner or advanced student. Instead, we all practice side by side.

What I love most about my work is the ripple effect it creates: The happiness of one human touches others – family, friends, co-workers – and this wave of kindness and joy keeps expanding into the world.

Allow yourself to take this well deserved time-out and feel calm, connected and complete again.

The price of this online program is € 79,-. You’ll get immediate access to the complete content so you can start right away.
This program is inspired by the unique history of the FIL Suites building. It used to be a textile factory and has been refurbished with great respect and care to preserve the historic elements. When you spend your weekend in one of the beautiful apartments you can see and feel the love for detail in every corner. You can explore Palma on foot and the friendly FIL team will do everything to make you feel at home. It is the perfect spot to take a break from daily life.
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