A Walking Meditation: Right Place, Right Time

This guided meditation will calm down the busyness of the mind. Instead of rushing through life, discover the nurturing power of mindful walking. This meditation will help you to let tension melt away and relax into the awareness that you are always at the right time at the right place.

Happy Heart Meditation

In this meditation Suzanne will guide you into a natural state of happiness that vibrates in the heart. A happy heart is not something you need to search, earn or ask for. Discover the happiness that is already within and let it flow into every cell and into everything you do.
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Fresh Start Meditation

Every once in a while, we need a fresh start. We need to free ourselves from what we have been holding on to for so long. We need to let go of yesterday in order to create today and fully live this moment. For this meditation, I invited a powerful helper! Does this sound familiar to you? NOW is the moment to create your life!

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