A Walking Meditation: Right Place, Right Time

This guided meditation will calm down the busyness of the mind. Instead of rushing through life, discover the nurturing power of mindful walking. This meditation will help you to let tension melt away and relax into the awareness that you are always at the right time at the right place.

What’s In My Water

That's a question I get a lot. Why? Watch this video and find out how the water relates to a positive mindset. Also, check in with yourself how you deal with positivity and positive people around you. Be inspired to stay positive and spread good vibes no matter what others think.

It’s Never Too Late

This video is inspired by learning from everyday stuff like, in this case, raindrops. If you ever feel like it is too late to live your dreams, change your life or start something new, let this be your inspiration to do what you think you can't. You are this one special raindrop.

Happy Heart Meditation

In this meditation Suzanne will guide you into a natural state of happiness that vibrates in the heart. A happy heart is not something you need to search, earn or ask for. Discover the happiness that is already within and let it flow into every cell and into everything you do.
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Leg Stretch Quickie

Use this short and well-rounded routine to stretch your legs and open your hips any time or directly after your cardio training. No matter what kind of sports you do, the body needs stretching to stay healthy. Take time for your wellbeing and enjoy!

A Treat For Your Shoulders

Awesome stretch for shoulders, upper back and side of the body. You'll know it from yoga as Gomukhasana (arms). Get new insights through step by step guidance how to move into the stretch and most importantly, say goodby to myths about clasping the hands behind the back and start to feel good with what really matters here.

Waves Of Kindness

Use your amazing potential to create a world of kindness. A world, where you use every opportunity to smile at someone, to help and support others. Kindness spreads in waves and the smallest act of kindness can change lives.

Neck & Shoulder Quickie

This short sequence releases tension all around the shoulders and neck and helps the body to remember its natural programming: an upright posture. Be kind and gentle with yourself and free yourself from whatever you are carrying on your shoulders.

Terminator Sequence

A very powerful and simple technique to feel whole and complete again. Our thoughts jump from one place to another, our emotions stuck in past events and we are scattered all over the place.

Quality Time Doing Chores

We all strive to enhance the quality of our lives: quality time with family, friends, time for yourself. Wonderful! However, what about all the boring stuff, like eg. the daily chores? Watch and create inner quality in everything you do, because every moment of your life is incredibly valuable.

Standing Abs Flow №3

Deep into the core of body intelligence - join me for effective and fun abs training. This time, we’ll use the energy ball to create a light saber! May the force be with you and enjoy the new sense of power in your abs and your whole being!

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