A Brand New Day

Enjoy this morning routine to mobilize your whole body and free yourself from tension and heaviness. What's more, create a positive mindset and excitement for this brand new day!

The Gratitude Game

Stop complaining, stop waiting that your surrounding will change. Be the change and train your mind to be positive and attract abundance. Gratitude is the inner program for abundance - do this powerful and wonderful game and be amazed by how fast you can create a new, more nurturing reality.

Luxury Bath Meditation

Do this luxury bath meditation either in the bathtub or in your mind. I will guide you and share a special way how to personalize this meditation. At the end, I'll take you way beyond the here and now and play with time and space for you to benefit from this meditation not just while you are doing it, but any time you need it.

Standing Abs Flow №2

Like №1, this standing abs flow is also inspired by tai chi like flow movement and my own personal study of body mechanics. Feel how every movement comes from the core. Learn to train your abs with this flow and you'll continue your training through out the day: in a simple twist, every flexion and extension of your spine, a big arm movement and even in a deep breath. Alter your perception of your abs and experience them as the center of power they truly are.

Join My Glutes Party

Join My Glutes Party! Besides toning and shaping the booty, training the glutes is important for the health of your hips and your back. The variety of movement creates a super-efficient training for everyone.

Standing Abs Flow №1

This standing abs flow is inspired by tai chi like flow movement and my own personal study of body mechanics - specifically, the abs and how every movement gets support from a strong core. With every twist, flexion and extension of your spine, every big arm movement, every deep breath throughout the day, you have the chance to keep your abs fit and defined and this routine creates the awareness needed to move from a strong core and support back health.

Deep Relaxation

Melt into a deep, effortless relaxation letting gravity do the work. You can do this guided relaxation after training, yoga, during the day or in bed in the evening. Enjoy!
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Find The Voice Of Your Heart

We all hear voices. There is a constant chatter in our heads and this meditation guides you to find the voice of your heart. Listen to the heart and create your life from the heart: it's the most powerful, purest source of wisdom.

Tree Meditation

Standing among trees and listening to their talk about the right balance between being strong and flexible. This meditation reminds you that standing tall is an inner quality of true strength and it helps you to be an upright human being.

Deep Hip Release Quickie

Let go of tension and tightness deep in your hip with this easy to do movement. Since tension in the hips tends to spread into the back or into the knees, this is highly beneficial for knees and back as well. Breathe, enjoy and let gravity do the work.

Fresh Start Meditation

Every once in a while, we need a fresh start. We need to free ourselves from what we have been holding on to for so long. We need to let go of yesterday in order to create today and fully live this moment. For this meditation, I invited a powerful helper! Does this sound familiar to you? NOW is the moment to create your life!

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