Meditation Is NOT For Everyone

If your mind is highly agitated, negative, destructive, depressive - it’s not a good idea to sit down and meditate. Why not? Because meditation asks you to look inside and face all the thoughts and emotions stored up inside of you and if all you find is negativity, it’s not helpful to sit there daily and focus on this negativity even more.

How I Didn’t Become A Yoga Teacher

I’ll have to take you back into the year 2003. I was almost finished with my yoga teacher training, when my teacher asked me to fill in for him in one of his courses. I did not feel ready at all, but since he trusted me, I went for it.Picture it: a yoga class with over 60 people and a super nervous me. I was well prepared, but didn’t expect how profoundly this debut would shape my future.As I began to teach the class like I had learned it – standing in front of the class, showing the poses and explaining roughly what I was doing – it hit me: SOMETHING IS WRONG.

What True Strength Can Do

This is a very personal story dedicated to everyone aiming to increase body-mind health in their own life and in our world. With 18 they told me I had allergic asthma. My lung volume was worryingly low and I had to get weekly shots. Just to give you an idea of what this meant during the day: Walking up to the second floor, I had to sit down on the stairs in the first floor to catch my breath. Not a sign of good health we can all agree.

If You Can Be Anything You Want Today

…how about being kind! Begin with the person you spend most time with: YOU. Being kind with yourself means: no negative self-talk, no blaming yourself, no being hard on yourself, no feeling sorry for yourself, no dwelling on problems. Instead do this...

No Time To Take A Break

No time to take a break? Do you long for a break to recharge your energy? Take a break right now. One minute of closing your eyes, leaning back on your chair and feeling your breath moving in and out.

What Are You Waiting For?

I’ll be happy, once I’ve reached this goal. I’ll take better care of myself, when I have more time. I will do what I love, when I have enough money. I’ll enjoy life on the weekend. Sounds familiar?

A Playful Mind

Being playful is the most important part of Yuna. Surprised? Did you think Yuna is all about health and being powerful, kind and mindful? You are absolutely right. It ...

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