Become A Yuna Guide

Let’s Create A New Normal Of Self-Care In This World.

Our training offers a mindset to create a happy, successful life and is a door opener to a fulfilling and versatile job.

Benefit from years of experience working with a diverse community and circumstances. You will work with field-tested tools and a harmonious, well-structured system leaving space for you to share Yuna your own way.

Let’s create a world where a smile is not unusual but normal. Let’s offer classes free from competition and judgement to rediscover a joyful training. Let’s live a mindset that sees unlimited potential wherever we are.


  • Learn to guide harmonious classes of 30, 60, 75 or 90 minutes and explore the almost unlimited possibilities of the Yuna building blocks.
  • Share powerful, dynamic (Heaven) and quiet, gentle (Earth) classes.
  • Detox your mind through Space techniques. Tap into your true potential and inspire others, too.
  • Support and value humans in their individuality.
  • Find out how to guide a versatile group without creating an atmosphere of support instead of competition.
  • Have fun with vocal training and conscious choice of verbal information fields.
  • Transform physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns that influence life in a negative way.

And here’s the best thing: Right after this training you are ready to begin teaching.


Flows – Heaven and Earth Flows for Opening (warm-up), Theme (subject of the class), Transitions, Games and Closure (cool-down). Detailed description of every flow plus variations and how to guide on a verbal basis only.

Breath – Relaxed awareness through breathing techniques like Darth Vader Breathing, Heart Breathing and more.

Meditation & Relaxation – Natural and effortless activation of stillness and present moment awareness with various techniques like Quantum Release, Golden Ball and more.

Space Techniques – Handling emotions and thoughts sensibly. Programs to increase appreciation, abundance and positivity to apply on and off the mat.

Magic Practice – Enhancing intuition and the wisdom of the heart. Magic Practice balances and unites logic and intuition.

Guiding Techniques – Structure of Yuna classes: Welcome, Breath, Movement, Stillness, Awareness, Appreciation. Plus: Timing, Assists, voice training, wording and personal development as a group leader.

Classes – Guiding a versatile group and support as well as challenge everyone in their uniqueness. Personal feedback and advice from Suzanne.

Anatomy – Applied and practical knowledge about alignment, body types and how to address patters of tension or health problems. Healthy and strong posture while giving manual assists.

Lifestyle – Regular self practice of Heaven and Earth. Living the pillars of Yuna guided by the wisdom of the heart.

For whom is the training?

Everyone comes together: yoga teachers, fitness trainers and those who have no experience in either teaching or fitness benefit from our trainings.

Did you do your first Yuna class and feel like this is exactly what you want to share as well? Brilliant!

No prerequisites are needed to take part! Our training is hands-on giving you the skills to share Yuna directly after completion, even when it is your very first time leading a group or working in the fitness sector. After the training you are equipped to share dynamic (Heaven) and quiet (Earth) Yuna classes and will be part of a unique network. Our network is a powerful field dedicated to share mindful movement and a genuine joy of life.

You already teach yoga, pilates, Zumba or similar? Brilliant!

You will benefit from a variety of new techniques and know-how. Add Yuna classes to your services and bring new inspiration to your community.

You want to include Yuna techniques in your job? Wonderful!

Yuna is a practice and a lifestyle, so you can apply everything you learn to any situation: you will enhance your private life and it will be easy to include Yuna techniques into various sectors: wellness, fitness, health as well as any job that involves working with or leading people.

Physical flexibility or strength don’t matter.

You don’t need to be able to do certain poses. If you love to inspire and work with people, this training is perfect for you. You learn how to adjust the techniques to you personally and different body types. Yuna Guides are empathetic and focused on their group instead of showing off poses. Of course your personal practice on and off the mat is vital to share your passion and experience.

If it is not about physical ability, what makes a Yuna Guide?

Yuna Guides share mindfulness and a genuine joy of being alive. You will create a field of support, free from expectation and competition. In this special atmosphere negative patterns in posture, the way we think and react can transform effortlessly. Yuna Guides are door openers to the awareness that life is a gift that wants to be appreciated and lived to the fullest.

What to bring? All your enthusiasm and dedication, prepare with diligence and be open to expand your abilities and senses. You are welcome as you are and Suzanne will support you in your uniqueness.


How can I teach right after completion?
Our training begins in your home weeks before we come together personally. Starting in the comfort of your own home you can access the learning platform any time and progress at your own pace. All your senses are included in this learning process and make it easy to meet the needs of every learning type: You will see the movements, listen to the detailed explanation and do the practice yourself. When we come together you have the chance to ask questions, practice with Suzanne, guide through the techniques you’ve learned, get Suzanne’s feedback and advice plus you will learn new techniques like manual assists. And there’s more: You will enjoy our magic practice that will boost your intuition and tap into the potential of your right hemisphere. With your intuition and logical side united, you will share Yuna with knowledge coming of your mind and wisdom arising from your heart. Be amazed at how your potential will unfold.
Why specific flows instead of single postures?
Within the flows of Yuna vibrate more than 15 years of experience of working with various people. The intelligence and simplicity of the flows and the building block system ensures that every guide, no matter how experienced, can create safe and harmonious classes. Studying the postures in the context of the Yuna flows makes it easy to understand alignment, effects and purpose. Our flows are born from natural body intelligence and trigger self-awareness, ease and joy. You are getting ready to use sequences and like bricks, you’ll build your own Yuna class. With every flow you’ll get detailed instruction of how to guide them and how to offer different options.
Every class for everyone? How is that possible?
Our logical side wants to differentiate the world into categories. We even do it with ourselves. We separate people into groups according to age, gender, beginner, advanced and many more and completely overlook the fact that everyone is unique. In every class, even if everyone were the same age, same sex, same background, the body types are completely different, they face different challenges in their lives, have different mindset and a unique mixture of interests, ways to move, love and live. Humans don’t belong in categories. We are bigger than that. Yuna is dedicated to oneness instead of separation. Life expresses itself in a unique way in every human being. You will learn to look deeper and see the same life essence in every being. In a Yuna class there are no beginners, no advanced students, no old or young person, but unique, amazing beings connected by the power of the heart.
Why are there no prerequisites for the training?
Yuna is no competition. You don’t compete with your group, you don’t show off poses and don’t look down on your group but instead you connect with them as an equal. You are there to guide, inspire and share what you love. How can someone be more advanced when it comes to doing what you love? Of course your inspiration and knowledge comes from your own regular Yuna practice. You can only fully understand and share important details when you know all of it first hand. As a Yuna Guide you will shine as brightly as your group and will inspire, support, challenge and nurture everyone naturally. The frequency of heart power is always with you and only nurturing and positive fields are active in a Yuna class.
I would love to teach but I'm not sure if I can speak in front of a class.
We come together to learn. You will begin to guide your fellow YGT students. Our group is a safe space. Everyone is learning and making new experiences. Facing a challenge around people you got to know in the context of the training is much easier and more fun. It provides the time and space you need to ease into the new role. If you have the desire to teach, life has equipped you with everything you need to do so. Suzanne will offer a variety of techniques to enhance your talent and will give you loving support.

Your Guide

Hello! I am Suzanne Freiherz and I am teaching trainings since 2007. I have been sharing Yuna for more than 15 years in the form of classes, retreats, festivals and on corporate events and management seminars.

I rely on the power of kindness, non-judgement and inner wisdom. The way I guide a class inspires to be loving and playful. We all have more than enough pressure in our lives. There is no need to add to that. My classes and techniques are a pressure- and judgement free zone where you can remember to listen to and trust yourself again.

My husband Tom and I created Yuna to share a practice that enhances the whole life and is accessible to everyone no matter how fit or flexible. From day one, Yuna has been designed to care for body, mind and heart as a union and dissolve categories like beginner or advanced student. Instead, we all practice side by side.

My work creates ripples

What I love most about my work is the ripple effect it creates: The happiness of one human touches others – family, friends, co-workers – and this wave of kindness and joy keeps expanding into the world.

I can’t wait to share this amazing practice with you. Meanwhile make sure to check out my Yuna classes in English, visit my Blog, and follow me on Instagram and YouTube.

Tap into your full potential

Suzanne will speak to your whole system making the learning process easy for everyone.

Next to many details and a coherent process to please your logic mind, you will boost your intuition and sharpen your senses with simple and fun exercises like remote viewing.

Your logical mind and your intuition will unite with heart wisdom. Learn to use this powerful unity to guide big or small groups into the magic of the now.

Online Training

Before coming together personally, you will prepare with our online platform.

Videos, audio classes and a written manual will provide the following infos:

Heaven & Earth

Detailed instruction to every flow and its variations. The movement part of every Heaven and every Earth class works like a building block system and you’ll have lots of fun putting together your classes. There are almost unlimited possibilities! These are the building blocks:

Opening – Warming up the body.

Theme – Topic of the class like e.g. back, legs, arms, core, balance.

Transitions & Games – Movements to transit between flows and space of play.

Closure – Cool Down.


The inner quality of the practice is the heart of Yuna. Space is a detox for your mind. On the platform you will find videos about e.g. appreciation, gratitude, how to deal with emotions and thoughts and more. These techniques are hands-on and you will learn to include them while you are guiding through the movements as well as share inspiration live the mindset as a lifestyle.


Detailed instruction to guide breathing techniques, the connection of breath and body and the Yuna way to work with breathing techniques: they are not an isolated element, but the base of every movement.

Art of Guiding

Supporting and challenging a versatile group. Also: Benefits of verbal instruction, Verbal Assists: The power of Yuna language, Manual Assists: Selfless touch, triggering body wisdom.


The structure of a Yuna class and advice for before and after class. A Yuna class consists of:

Welcome: Letting go and being present in the heart.

Breath: Breathing techniques.

Movement: either Heaven or Earth Flows

Stillness: Effortless relaxation.

Awareness: The inner quality (Space) during the day.

Appreciation: Programming for abundance.


Hands-on techniques to activate deep relaxation.


Being kind, respectful and supportive. Yuna Guides connect with their groups on equal grounds. Useful advice on how to deal with positive and negative feedback from customers.

Training on location

After you’ve prepared with our online learning platform, we all meet with the same knowledge and deepen it together.




Heaven and Earth classes guided by Suzanne.


Ask any question about what you’ve learned during the preparation time at home.

Design your own Yuna class

Learn how to use the Yuna building blocks and practice your guiding skills with the YGT group.


Feedback on guiding, choice of words, challenges of working with people and leading a group.

Vocal Training

Study the versatility of your voice and learn to take people with you.

Manual Assists

You’ll learn Manual Assists: intensity, timing, frequency, using assistants like blankets and your own posture while giving Manual Assists.

Magic Practice

Sharpen your senses and activate your intuition through simple, fun exercises like remote viewing, multiple selves, impossible things and more.

Applied Anatomy

Understanding body dynamics and how to deal with physical issues and tension.

What’s included

  • Classes
    See Training on location.
  • Written manual
    You’ll get a comprehensive manual, partly digitally and partly printed.
  • Access to videos on our learning platform
    During the preparation period, you’ll access our platform in the convenience of your home. No matter if you find it easier to study in the morning or evening, you can study at your own pace according to your learning type.
  • Access to videos on our learning platform
    During the preparation period, you’ll access our platform in the convenience of your home. No matter if you find it easier to study in the morning or evening, you can study at your own pace according to your learning type.
  • Practice with Suzanne
    Experience Yuna on a regular basis.
  • Your Yuna class
    You will create your own Yuna classes and have the chance to get Suzannes feedback and advice. You can begin to share Yuna right after our training.
  • Certificate
    After successful completion of the theoretical and practical exam you will receive your certificate.
  • Listing on
    After successful completion you will be listed on and be part of our powerful, wonderful community.
  • Farewell Party
    After the intense and fulfilling time of studying we keep flowing. We’ll celebrate life and ourselves. Our farewell is not an ending but a beginning. Begin to create your life more powerful, mindful, successful and joyful like never before. Live your full potential, live the Yuna lifestyle. We are taking care of drinks and nibbles : )


The registration is currently closed. Stay tuned for our next training.



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