Waiting To Be Seen: The Smile Supremacy

To see and be seen in every day life creates happiness and success.

We are surrounded by humans all day long. When we go out for lunch, at work, when we take the subway. How do you deal with the strangers you meet every day? Those who pour your coffee, who clean the table, who stand next to you waiting for the bus. Our eyes are open all day, but do we see each other? What does it feel like to be invisible to others? How can we stand in the way of loneliness in our community?

I am suggesting a small thing that you and I can do that can save the day of someone we don’t even know. Plus, I’m inviting you to have a look around in your own home. I hope to inspire you to really see your loved ones instead of taking their amazing presence for granted. What I suggest in this show is not hard work, no big effort, not time-consuming but opens the door to more joy and success.

Sending you my hugest smiles,
Suzanne Freiherz

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