Beyond Physical Practice

Our Mission Is A Happier & Healthier World.

Yuna is for everyone.

It is mindful movement that will enhance every aspect of your life.

Yuna goes above and beyond physical training. While you are getting stronger and more flexible in class, you directly experience the power of your mind and get hands-on techniques to transform negative patterns and programs.

Yuna is free from levels. We focus on everything that connects us humans. We don’t need more separation. In the Yuna world, we all practice side by side.

You leave the mat full of joy, calm and awareness. After class, the Yuna mindset supports you to create a successful, fulfilling life. Keep Flowing.


Yuna increases your strength, coordination and flexibility. It helps melt away pressure and stress. Tap into your full potential, feel connected and be enthusiastic about creating the life of your dreams.


Yuna touches all of you simultaneously: body, breath, thoughts, emotions and heart. While moving with your breath, you explore the dynamics of your mind and transform what isn’t useful. Pure audio guidance and the specific Yuna language makes it a truly individual treasure.

The unique power of Yuna grows from five roots. They reach deeply underneath the surface, vibrate within every technique and help you grow as a whole being. With these inner qualities, we transform movement into meditation and practice into lifestyle.

Be mindful, not mechanical.

Every moment you have the choice: Be awake and live it or let it pass by unnoticed. Instead of letting your habits shape your day, Yuna helps you taking back control. Be awake and create your reality. Enter the magic of the now and appreciate this thing called: your life.

Make happiness your priority.

I’ll be happy when I’ve achieved this. Sounds familiar? We all tend to postpone our wellbeing, because everything else seems so important and urgent. But what is more important than your own wellbeing today? Only when you feel good, you have all the power you need to make your goals a reality.

Do everything with all your heart.

The heart is your center of power, your home. What makes a fulfilled life? Qualities of the heart like loving, laughing and feeling connected with others. With Yuna we make the decision to live to the fullest instead of half-heartedly. Trust the wisdom of your heart.

Have the courage to be yourself.

Yuna encourages you to live your uniqueness. There is no second you on the whole planet. Around you, there are so many voices telling you what to do, eat, wear and change. Yuna challenges you to listen to someone else instead. Trust a true expert, someone who knows you best and knows what you need: you. Live, nurture and appreciate all of you.

Focus on what connects us all.

There is so much separation in this world. Yuna opens your eyes and heart to see that the same life force vibrates in all of us. The Yuna world is free from labels, levels and judgement. With Yuna you can directly experience that you are not alone, but connected with everyone of us.

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