Beyond Physical Practice

For A Happier & Healthier World.

Picture it:

A diverse group. Athletes and grandparents practicing side by side. Everyone immersed in the present moment. There is a smile on their faces, while mind and body are facing a challenge. Everyone is doing the same. Everyone in their own, unique way.

Yuna goes above and beyond physical training. While you are getting stronger and more flexible in class, you directly experience the power of your mind and get hands-on techniques to transform negative patterns and programs.

Yuna is free from levels. We focus on everything that connects us humans. We don’t need more separation. In the Yuna world, we all practice side by side.

You leave the mat full of joy, calm and awareness. After class, the Yuna mindset supports you to create a successful, fulfilling life. Keep Flowing.

Why it works

Yuna touches all of you simultaneously: body, breath, thoughts, emotions and heart. While moving with your breath, you explore the dynamics of your mind and transform what isn’t useful.

Pure audio guidance and the specific Yuna language makes it a truly individual treasure.

Yuna increases your strength, coordination and flexibility. It helps melt away pressure and stress. Tap into your full potential, feel connected and be enthusiastic about creating the life of your dreams.

The Yuna roots

The unique power of Yuna grows from five roots. They reach deeply underneath the surface, vibrate within every technique and help you grow as a whole being. With these inner qualities, we transform movement into meditation and practice into lifestyle.

  1. Be mindful, not mechanical.
    Every moment you have the choice: Be awake and live it or let it pass by unnoticed. Instead of letting your habits shape your day, Yuna helps you taking back control. Be awake and create your reality. Enter the magic of the now and appreciate this thing called: your life.
  2. Make happiness your priority.
    I’ll be happy when I’ve achieved this. Sounds familiar? We all tend to postpone our wellbeing, because everything else seems so important and urgent. But what is more important than your own wellbeing today? Only when you feel good, you have all the power you need to make your goals a reality.
  3. Do everything with all your heart.
    The heart is your center of power, your home. What makes a fulfilled life? Qualities of the heart like loving, laughing and feeling connected with others. With Yuna we make the decision to live to the fullest instead of half-heartedly. Trust the wisdom of your heart.
  4. Have the courage to be yourself.
    Yuna encourages you to live your uniqueness. There is no second you on the whole planet. Around you, there are so many voices telling you what to do, eat, wear and change. Yuna challenges you to listen to someone else instead. Trust a true expert, someone who knows you best and knows what you need: you. Live, nurture and appreciate all of you.
  5. Focus on what connects us all.
    There is so much separation in this world. Yuna opens your eyes and heart to see that the same life force vibrates in all of us. The Yuna world is free from labels, levels and judgement. With Yuna you can directly experience that you are not alone, but connected with everyone of us.

The Yuna classes

There are two Yuna class types: Heaven and Earth. Based on the two complementary forces yang and yin, they create balance in every aspect of your life. Both classes are pervaded by Space, the Yuna mindset.

  • Together unique
    We live in houses that someone else built, eat food someone else grew. Life only works through connection. In a Yuna class there are no levels, no separation, no labels. We welcome, support and challenge you in your uniqueness.
  • Practice being happy
    Recreational activities are supposed to be fun. There is no need to create more toughness in life. The Yuna language has been carefully designed to trigger positive information fields that help you to challenge yourself with a smile on your face. Your wellbeing is vital. Yuna brings more smiles, more kindness and more fun into your practice and your life.
  • The Game Changer
    A Yuna Guide never shows poses. When a teacher shows poses, you’ll always need to raise the head in an awkward pose, compare yourself to a teacher demonstrating a perfect form and your attention is half here and half there. Thanks to the Yuna way of detailed and jargon-free verbal guidance you can be with yourself completely. Enjoy a highly personal practice, no matter how big the group. Using pure verbal instruction is a game changer. Enjoy real me time.

Heaven fuels your energy, enhances enthusiasm and strength.

Discover this highly efficient whole body training. Heaven is dedicated to true strength so you can break free from negative patterns. You are pure potential.

A wide variety of flows trains and mobilizes every part of the body. A mix of static, pulsing, slow and fast movements will trigger your natural body intelligence and help you reconnect to the joy of movement that we all had as kids. Heaven feels like a natural high that allows you to play and challenge yourself as you wish. The after Heaven effect will keep your body and mind upright, clear and strong throughout your day.

  • Balance for body and mind
    Health comes from creating balance between too much and not enough. Don’t burn yourself out but also, make sure you challenge yourself enough to live your full potential.
  • Core strength to be upright
    A strong core goes hand in hand with a healthy back and self-esteem. Live your uniqueness guided by the core of your being: your heart.
  • Joy and fun are essential
    You deserve a space where you can challenge yourself without being pushed or pressured but encouraged and supported. Feel the joy of progressing free from competition and labels.
  • Efficiency is key
    No need to be hard on yourself. Instead, learn to move with purpose and awareness. Listen to your body’s wisdom and free yourself from negative patterns. Align with the moment and everything falls into place.

Earth calms the business of your mind, releases deep tissues and triggers profound regeneration.

Learn to appreciate yourself even when you are relaxing. You are not your to do list. Earth’s gift for you is a deep, sweet release and a clear mind. Stop running through life and begin to take time for yourself.

Earth flows are long, gentle stretches that re-awaken the natural range of motion for your body. Experience an effortless and lasting release of deep tissues and joints. Your mind is longing for calmness. With Earth, you will benefit from a clear, organized mind and enjoy a new sense of lightness in your body that sticks with you off the mat.

  • Flexibility for body and mind
    A flexible mind is creative and can face any challenge. A flexible body is all about feeling free and mobile. Move beyond made-up limits and discover a space of possibility.
  • Appreciation for doing nothing
    You need to allow your system to regenerate and there’s no better way than leaving it be. Remember that you are valuable no matter if you are hustling or doing nothing.
  • Perseverance makes dreams come true
    Train the mind to follow through with what you started. Listen to yourself, take breaks but never give up. You can do anything you want.
  • Ease and stillness balance out the fast pace of living
    By bathing in these qualities on the mat, you can tap into them any time you want. Be an oasis of calm in the daily hustle and bustle.

Space elevates Heaven and Earth classes beyond pure physical movement. It is everything the eye can’t see.

Space inspires a positive and attentive mindset. Become aware of the immense power of your mind and learn to work with it. Create your reality.

You can do the healthiest movement but when you are aggressive, it will have no positive effect. Do the same movement with joy and kindness and your whole being will benefit. The mindset makes the difference. Face a challenge with a playful mind and there is always a solution. Your mind can transform obstacles into springboards and the little things of everyday life begin to sparkle. Space is a detox for your mind to free up its amazing potential to create a world of positivity, success and magic.

  • Transformation of patterns that are not useful
    Let go of what holds you back or makes you feel small. You are important and have something special to share with this world.
  • Create what you wish for
    Don’t wait. Don’t complain. Start seeing opportunities, not problems. Bring to life what you long for. Everything you need is within you already. Life is your playground.
  • Thoughts and emotions can elevate you or hold you back
    Learn to deal with them in a positive and hands-on way. You are more than your thoughts. You are in control.
  • Heart connection
    The heart is your home. In the space of the heart you can feel connected to all of us. Trust the voice of the heart and let life take care of you.

Yuna is for everyone. It is mindful movement that will enhance every aspect of your life.


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